Linux Essentials

This 1-day instructor-led class will teach students to install and perform basic administration tasks on Linux.  These essential skills are needed by all IT professionals who work with servers and server applications.

After the introduction, we will discuss six topics.  Each lesson has its own lab exercise that can be done using your own computer or free resources on the Internet.  The first three lessons will show you different ways to install Linux, how to use use built-in help features and basic administration commands.

The final four lessons discuss different compute resources you need to manage, how to create files and manage folders, how to create scripts, configure applications and configure networking.

It is recommended that you perform the lab exercise associated with a lesson before moving on to a new topic.  If you are already familiar with Linux, you may choose to review all the material and then do the labs together.  If you are reviewing the material with the help of an instructor, he will provide instructions on how to work through the material.

What's included?

  • 6 Lessons
  • 6 Labs
  • 2 Assessments


Students learning to manage Linux compute resources.  Previous experience troubleshooting and managing computers is helpful but not necessary. 

What you will learn:

* How to install Linux in a virtual machine
* How to use the built-in help features
* How to manage file and folder resources
* How to manage system and process resources
* How to manage applications
* How to setup and manage networking

Course Lessons

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