PowerShell Essentials

PowerShell has become a tool for configuring Windows and Linux computers and their applications.  It can also be used to manage services and resources hosted by cloud service providers.

Demonstrations and labs will teach students how to manipulate data in files and databases, manage computer applications and services, scripting and transfer information between systems.  The labs are designed  for use in class labs and test environments created by the student after class.  In this way the material may be used as a reference source for creating testing environments for the student.

What's included?

  • 6 Lessons
  • 6 Reviews
  • 5 Exercises

Master the command-line

More and more, technology professionals are required to work with information from diverse sources and pull that information together to help with decision making tasks. Sometimes we need to manipulate different computer resources. Or you might need a tool for managing cloud-based resources on a platform like Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. PowerShell can be a single invaluable tool for accomplishing these tasks and more. Besides its usefulness when working with Microsoft applications, PowerShell use on Linux platforms increases the scope of options for those who understand how to use it.
The purpose of this one-day instructor-led course is to cover the basics of using PowerShell, to not only access data, but to manage it on database and cloud-based solutions. You will learn about its capabilities when managing computers or data and get hands on experience through the labs and exercises. This is intended as a reference tool so you can continue to learn after the class is over and the labs are written to facilitate this.

Course Lessons